Multi vendor shopping cart

The Best Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

Separate admin panel for sellers

Automatic revenue split with sellers

Localized payments and shipping handling

Manage sales, commission, sellers and buyers


Ecommerce Marketplace

An Ecommerce Marketplace essentially gathers multiple vendors, each with their own product list from electronics to clothes, groceries to software's, all well organized into one well-coordinated catalogue, unlimited by stock, efficient filters, secured payment gateways and socially

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Service Marketplace

A service marketplace is a platform that coordinates the buying and selling of services between thousands of businesses and individuals who fulfil their services with no marketing investment. Service marketplaces have accelerated consumer demand through mobile apps, websites and fulfilling that demand through offline services.

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Food Marketplace

Food Marketplace is a platform which aims to provide its customers food ordering convenience by providing technology and services for multiples food hubs, restaurants, food chain stores, grocery stores, and other food institutions to sell and distribute local food to consumers under
one roof.

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One time payment

You buy the multi vendor shopping cart once and enjoy thereafter without any monthly burden with quick ROI. Completely affordable and suits to any industry.

Multiple languages

It supports multiple languages and currencies including RTL. By default, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and English are integrated. You can add any additional languages.

Source code

Control your Software. We provide 100 % access to software and mobile apps source code, so that you can maintain and make required changes in the source code after purchase.

Expert support

We give timely support via our support ticket system. Email, Online chat, Skype or Phone to speak to our representative.

eVendor - Future of Multi Vendor Marketplace lies here.

Run your business effortlessly with our unique features

Personalized stores

Vendors will have their own website url to showcase their products/goods. The can promote their webpage any where and bring more sales

Unlimited vendors

eVendor shopping cart software and mobile app can handle unlimited vendors, their back end consoles to manage products and transactions on the same platform.

Vendors direct signup

Vendors can sign up from website.Their account will be activated after getting approval from the Master admin. Master Admin can monitor vendor activities from their Master Admin panel.

Vendors admin panel

Every vendor gets individual admin panel after completing their signup process. Each vendor can manage their buyers, products and transactions from their respective admin panels.

Fund request

Fund request is the process of payment between vendors and Admin. After sales, vendors can request their funds/ sales amount from the admin. Both can see the request notifications, amount paid, balance, etc. from their respective admin panels.

Coupons & gifts

Admin can post coupons and gifting options in the website like gift certificate, gift a product etc., and the buyers can use these coupons and gift options at the checkout.

Guest checkout

A simple one page checkout options gives an ease to online buyers. Guest checkout is one such option where online buyer can checkout without registering in the site.

Product returns

Customers can return the products from their panel and the same will be updated in the seller panel. New product delivery, refund also will be updated to customers panel automatically.

Ticketing system

Communication between vendors and admin can be managed in a ticket system. Customers post tickets to vendors and vendors can also post tickets to administrator.

Bulk import and export

Upload your bulk product details, customer base, orders and sales reports easily using our import / export option in the back end panel. Export option helps you to download reports to plan your business.

Subscription module

Admin can get subscription fee from vendors on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for using the marketplace with additional cost. Either subscription or commission or both can be implied in the marketplace.

Product /city wise shipping

A simple shipping solution for all types of marketplaces. Vendors can manage shipping cost for each product and its cities. So it will be flexible for them to manage their shipping cost while checkout.

Email templates

Email templates help admin to manage the email contents easily from the admin panel. Without any technical knowledge the admin can easily manage the templates.

Seller rating

Buyers’ satisfaction and review ratings induce more buyers and their confidence with the product. Each registered buyer can rate their purchases and its seller.

Layout Editor

Our multi vendor shopping cart platform gives admin an easy to use home page editor module within admin panel. No coding or technical skills required.

Add on’s

Vendor subscription

Vendor subscription module is an add on where admin can restrict vendor to upload product to his account. Admin can define plans with set amount to pay to add certain quantity of product by vendor. Vendor can add products after paying amount which is set by admin. Vendor need to pay upfront fee for adding product. Admin can set expiry date for products uploaded. Vendor can view payment details, plan details, expiry details in his account.

Native Mobile Apps

Admin can easily manage the entire software including the apps from their web panels. Our customer facing mobile app is built on native code resulting in user friendly UI, well optimization, fast, secured, synchronized and totally affordable. And not to forget, these mobile apps bear your company brand name, look and feel.

Buyer and seller chat system

Our Marketplace platform is huge with diverse range of products available. On time customer support and clarifications are the key element for closing the sale. With buyer and seller chat system, a customer can ask specific sellers any question they may have regarding the product, delivery times and more.


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