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Advanced Search and Filter options.

Support Unlimited Vendors

Localized Online / Cash payments.

Manage Orders, Sales, Promotions, Delivery and Customers.

Instacart Clone - How it Works

eGrocery is an online and mobile marketplace for business models like BigBasket / Instacart A convenient shopping experience which converts offline grocery store into online grocery shopping platform. Any grocery storefronts, departmental stores, local stores and supermarkets can easily display their products and delivery services on this fully loaded instacart clone platform.Receive bulk and repeated orders from customers to increase revenue and earn profit at a very low investment.

Front end Website

eGrocery is a platform that helps registered consumers to shop groceries from the comfort of their home. They can make cash or online payments and get their grocery delivered at home with apt notifications.

Back end console

The owner (Admin) has the sole control over the entire software from Back end console.Admin can add unlimited number of stores, products to grocery online shopping cart website and manage the inventories through Back end console.

Mobile Apps

Customers can shop with ease through their freely downloaded eGrocery mobile app. All the website features gets handy to operate in the hand held devices.

One time payment

Multiple languages

Source code

Expert support

Earn your own Online Grocery Supermarket Software
like BigBasket / Instacart.

Advanced Features with User Friendly Interface to boost the sales of local grocery stores!

User Engagement

Mobile app

Customers can shop with ease through their freely downloaded eGrocery mobile app. All the website features gets handy to operate in the hand held devices.

Push notifications

As and when customers order through eGrocery mobile apps, they are made aware about its orders, invoice, and delivery statuses through notifications.

Multiple language /currency / payment options

Make your website capable to run in any languages. Use any local currency, online payment options or Cash on Delivery (COD).

Vendors means business

Unlimited stores

Set up unlimited stores with Exlcart's Instacart clone. Our platform’s layout, categories, navigation with HD images, graphics that bring the store’s products to life.

Locate stores

Stores categorises itself based on location. Customer selects their preferred location from where they want to buy their groceries.

Commission management

Admin can set commission percentage for each vendor. For every successful transaction from customers to vendors during a product purchase, receive a commission fee.

Promotion is easy

Social sharing & service ratings

Customers give a genuine feedback and service ratings about service provided by vendors as well get back reviews about working environment in the website.

Promotion/ coupon management

Post any kind of promotions, discounts and coupons that can be availed upon bulk purchases or seasonal purchases.

Bulk email system & email templates

Readymade notification mail templates can be used for various website actions like payment and invoices. Just add the needed mail ids, and effortlessly send it with a click.

More Features

Become Customer / Vendor

Any registered user can become a Customer.Vendors get registered after Admin’s verification. Customers and Vendors have their individual profile with complete list of products in their own pages.

Invoice / Easy Checkout

Once a customer completes checkout and payment, invoice is sent to customer’s registered email id. The same order details will be sent to store vendor automatically to make arrangements for the delivery of products and update the order status in real-time.

User management

Every consumer and vendor can manage, maintain, and operate their own track of works in an exclusive dashboard. Maintain and access activities related to shopping, delivery, reviews, feedbacks, payments and more.

Category management

Manage various types of products in your website by classifying them based on the specific defined categories.

Settings management

Make your instacart clone website dynamic with all necessary setting details such as site name, logo, slogan email address , contact details, terms and conditions, social pages, URL’s and more.

Content management

Manage and access website footer links easily. You can create, edit, and delete the static content whenever necessary using back end panel. Enhance your site with plugin facility to include needed modules to your website.

Delivery management

Effectively manage delivery, delivery quote and operate the listed places and its complete details. Get notifications about the deliveryhappening instantly.

Country and city management

Segregate your eGrocery website users based on demographic to use this information for future reference in business enhancements. Observe website users performance with its clear representation of detailed graphical charts.

FAQ management

Manage your eGrocery website by giving hints about FAQ with absolute answers regarding your grocery marketplace business.


Keep up records of website activities like Users, transactions, vendors, products, delivery and revenue information elaborately.

A Fully Featured Instacart Clone

A complete marketplace platform to start your grocery delivery business.