Why Visual Search Is Experiencing Greater Adoption In Ecommerce?

Searching is a fundamental human activity. Searching online using text is common. But online visual search is something which is getting main stream now. People search a visual stimulus amongst other visual stimuli. The more stimuli there are, the more time it takes to find a target stimulus. In a visual search, a target is the item that you need to find online. People search by taking a picture: pointing their mobile phone camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. And if it’s available online in its database, it will provide you with useful information.

So who does such searching online? A company named established in 2006, enabled visitors to upload a photo to search for products. was popular as a price comparison website, but visual search did not experience wide adoption at that time in retail community. Google realising its worth in future, purchased in 2010.Amazon’s mobile app has included visual search since 2014.In 2015, Pinterest launched a visual search feature that allows searching part of a pinned photo for products. Google’s “Images” search now includes visual search. Let’s see the reasons why visual search is experiencing greater adoption.

Evolution of Mobile Commerce

The rise of mobile commerce has made it convenient for the users to take a photo and search it anywhere. Retailers can make use of this technique by implementing visual search and enabling the consumers to upload a photo and easily search for a product in their website and then buy it.

Visual Search as a Service

Various ecommerce features gained popularity when developers made those features available easily. Website owners integrate them to attract more customers. For example, the ratings-and-review features. It is an easy-to-integrate service, so the adoption picked up, with thousands of website owners adding product ratings and reviews to their websites.A similar adoption is happening with visual search. Many ecommerce and app development company have made it easier for ecommerce owners to integrate visual search into their websites and apps. Exlcart being one among them helps you to setup such feature in your ecommerce store. Once the setup is complete, visitors can upload photos to run their searches.

Artificial intelligence in Ecommerce

Artificial intelligence is the ability of software to learn based on data provided to it. Visual search is an artificial intelligence challenge, where the software needs to identify the products in a photo and execute a search to find matching items among the billions of images, objects, and shapes. With recent advances in computing power and Big Data analysis, softwares can compare it with the billions of other products, to identify the exact one. Speed has greatly improved as the results show up almost as fast as the text-based search.Software almost assures that the right products will be returned for visitors when they execute a visual search by uploading a photo.