Updates: Google’s Changes in Ad Words, Prioritizes Mobile Search

  • Source: Performance Summit 2016.
  • Spokesperson – Sridhar Ramaswamy – Google’s senior vice president of Ads and Commerce.
  • Keynote Announcement – “The shift to mobile is not something that is happening. It has happened. Google has a whole new vision for AdWords and Analytics for a mobile-first world.”

The Changesto the AdWords platform

The keynote topic in Google’s announcements was more about mobile computing and smartphones. Also included that 50 percent of searches on Google are from smartphones. For websites using Google Analytics, gets over 50 percent of traffic from smartphones and tablets. So, while Enhanced Campaigns 2014 were for the desktop world, these new changes are for mobile. Following points were noteworthy to match up the new changes in text ads.

Google has expanded text Adscharacter counts by removing the right side ads in search results. Now all the ads will appear in the main search column either above or below the organic listings.

  • Titles will expand from 25 characters to 30 characters.
  • Descriptions will expand from 35 characters to 80 characters.
  • No input of Display URL. The root-level domain of the destination (final) URL will be extracted and set as the display URL, automatically.

The main focus of the entire change is that, now the ads will look like organic results with much better design and feel from top to bottom. This will surely increase its click-through-rates and thereby increase Google’s revenue. In the matter of fact, beta testers of the new text ad format have already seen up to 20 percent higher Click throughRate.Responsive Display Ads will also have minor changes with major impact. Google will automatically design display ads. All you need to do is provide headlines, a description, an image, and a URL. This feature will help many small advertisers who cannot afford design resource but on the other end large advertisers may have a negative effect in their looks, style, branding, color scheme and more.This willmotivate more newbie advertisers to take advantage of the Google Display Network and also becomes a boon to content publishers who relyon AdSense revenue.

There are also Bid Adjustments for each device Type like desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Also introduced“Promoted Pins” in Google Maps. Nearly one-third of all mobile searches are related to location. Search the same store, the same map look with brand logo pin upon their physical store location.“Promoted Pins” will likely become increasingly common and successful for future advertisers.

As per Google’s announcement’s the text-ad changes will likely occur by year-end 2016. The other features will probably launch this year or next year.