The Much Needed Core Features To Start An On-Demand Service Marketplace

We all know that on-demand service marketplace is a great hit in this heavily competitive business world. One of the reasons of its success is that it incorporates with facilities that can actually meet the need of every user. By user we mean both the service professionals and service seekers. Service marketplace will sail smoothly only if the distinctive needs of the service professionals and service seekers are satisfied. In this blog we are going to see features needed to make your service marketplace have an appealing nature that grabs attention of maximum audiences.

What is Service marketplace?

Service marketplace is a business model that connects prominent service professionals to the service seekers to gratify the needs of local services like plumbing, web services, party planner, carpentry, home services and much more in a single platform.

Features required from service seekers perspective

Quick search

By quick search we mean searching the service professionals. The service marketplace website should have options for finding the service professionals either directly or giving request to find the suitable professional available for their service needs. This is one of the important features to look into while launching a service marketplace.

Easy Service request form

Service seekers have an option to fill a service request form to furnish their requirements, needs, service delivery time, payment mode and more. This form is displayed to various service professionals. They can confirm the request to the chosen service seeker based on the factors like service types, cost, time, and much more within a stipulated time. Service seekers get intimated about their service acceptance.

Social sharing

Service marketplaces connected with social media networks can help its users to share their experience about the service availed through chosen professional from the service marketplace. This creates brand awareness for the marketplace and the service professional. Additionally it infuses trust among the service seekers. So, add this valuable feature to your service marketplace site.

 Features required from service professional perspective

Form to list the services

The marketplace owner must take utmost care of giving convenience in listing the services in service marketplace website. A dynamic, clean, professional, verified and a user-friendly form is a must for service professionals to list their services effortlessly.

Social awareness

All the service professionals registered in the marketplace get social media support by promoting themselves and creating more awareness about their services in those local residents with ease.

Features required for both users


Service seekers as well as the service professionals accept to avail services nearby their own location. This convenience plays an important role in enhancing the success rate of the website.

Chat system

Chat support system helps the service seekers and professionals in clarifying and conversing with each other that brings up new business leads with ease.

Reviews and ratings

The reliable reviews, ratings and feedback help the future service seekers to avail the best and trusted local services. On the other hand, the service professional can take a look at the feedback of their services and enhance themselves to increase their opportunities.

Secure payment facility

Secure, easy and flexible payment options are one of the most needed features among the users to make their payments with ease and comfort.