New Revolution In Mobile Search For Ecommerce

Mobile search is one of the fastest and biggest concerns to marketers and shoppers. Mobile search is shoppers trusted friend whereas marketers best friend. Wondering how? It’s because more than half of all searches on Google are conducted on a mobile. Last year 4/5 mobile owners turned to their mobile to shop during those spare bits of time. It’s predicted that online sales will increase 16 % over last year. Some sources are also predicting that mobile holiday purchases will outstrip desktop purchases this year for the first time. Ecommerce businesses can no longer afford to ignore their mobile presence, or their mobile search marketing.

Did You Know Mobile Search Changes Your Shopping Place Preference?

Mobile search on Google changes retailer place and brand shopping plans for more than 75 % of mobile shoppers. Source: Google. As we know that search is a big part of mobile shopping, shoppers reported that they discovered new businesses and products when searching on their phones. Mobile shoppers also reported being open to new retailers and brands online, even when they have a preference for shopping at the same brick-and-mortar stores. This is good news for smaller and new retailers. Large retailers with high brand recognition and preference aren’t immune to mobile search influences that have been enjoying a comfortable visitors flow all these days. They should take this as a warning.

Did You Know Mobile Search Drives In-Store Purchases? 

64% of mobile shoppers search on Google for ideas about what to buy before shopping at a physical store. Source: Google. Mobile local search drives more in store to purchase: 76 percent of mobile searchers looking for something nearby visit a store that same day, with 28 percent of the searches actually purchase a product, according to Google. Brands without ecommerce presences can benefit from increasing mobile shopping activity. Shoppers driven by mobile search try to find a product in a store that they have already decided they are interested in during their mobile search. In this scenario, brands that market products on their websites and offer a “where to buy” feature can compete just as strongly as an ecommerce website.

Did You Know Mobile Search Optimization Can Increase Performance By 50%?

Mobile searches for “best” products have grown by more than 50% in the last year in the top retail categories. Source: Google. This means that consumers are more particular about marketer’s claims of quality than the typical quest for a good deal. Mobile searches related to “best gift” grew 70% year over year. Mobile searches related to “cheap or inexpensive gifts” grew about 35%. Mobile searches related to “unique gifts” grew more than 65%. Mobile searches related to “cool gifts” grew about 80%. Source: Google.  This shows that just by having a mobile presence isn’t good enough, your mobile presence must be optimized for performance in Google mobile search.