Needs And Benefits Of Service Delivery Marketplace

We are global, interconnected society, and are very much familiar with online service marketplaces, and its need in our home and professional lives. From eBay to Apple’s app store, to e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba, they all have now become essentials and effective catalysts for mutually beneficial exchanges online.

Need of service marketplace?

Service marketplaces do not sell goods or services themselves. They provide the platform to individuals and businesses to source the services they need from a wide variety of suppliers. For example you require a service, imagine trying to source that service, contact and bid with all the sellers that might give you that service on eBay by yourself, without the platform of eBay to organise and facilitate by bringing them all together on your screen. The task would be an Everest giving you a pain in the head.

Service marketplaces use cutting edge technologies and advanced IT capabilities to create a network of service providers and suppliers. Bringing together a wide range of vetted expert service providers, facilitating fair and open interaction with potential buyers.  It also manages the entire process to ensure ongoing standards for successful business. There are benefits for both the service buyer and their service providers.

Benefits To Service Buyer?

  • Services have been verified, pre-approved by the marketplace, ensuring a guaranteed quality of work.
  • Marketplace ensures the best value service is being sourced for your needs.
  • A wide variety of verified service providers can be accessed and filtered in one place.
  • Maximum choice means fair business, healthy competition, and good quality.
  • Monitor services / projects or ongoing services with convenience, efficiency, and clarity.
  • They help individuals and businesses to complete their task and improve their product and distribution cost effectively.
  • Reduction in money and time wasted on unsuitable service providers.

What are the benefits for service providers?

  • Save time wasted by filtering irrelevant projects.
  • Access to opportunities and projects that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them without marketing on large scale
  • No time and money investment on promotion.
  • Marketplaces provide a managed project approval process with clients, thereby reducing administrative work.
  • Follow clear set payment rules to the standard of the service marketplace, thereby giving safe, secured businesses to service providers.