Many Vendors Choose Online Marketplace Over Personal Ecommerce Website – Know Why?

These days businesses are highly adopting online presence. They have realized the fact about online selling and its necessity. Now the question is which type of online presence is more advantageous.  Vendors are going more into exploring the different options of selling online. And they have to choose between having a personal ecommerce website or getting into online marketplace? In this blog, we will talk about why it makes more advantageous to pick online marketplace.

Ecommerce website is a standalone platform owned, developed, managed and maintained by single vendor and its team of developers. Whereas online marketplace has multiple vendors, panels of developers, website managers, with regular product updates, expansion of product categories and constant advertising at all times. These things make online marketplace to reach the masses and grows more than ecommerce website. We will give you great reasons why you should take advantage of an online marketplace like Ebay, Amazon, and not only depend on your own e-commerce website:

Online Marketplace gives Global Presence.

Vendors can register to giant online marketplaces where they can get into touch with the most remote areas to international borders within the same platform. Delivery, Packaging, shipping and logistics is not at all a problem because these marketplaces give special solutions to their vendors. This kind of support is missing on individual personal ecommerce websites and can impact the vendor costing and overall experience of the customers.


Low Investment on Online Marketplace.

Investment plays a huge role in any business. Online marketplace gives its vendors an easy registration process to sell on an online marketplace within minutes. The investment is low as they charge a few nominal fees. No investment on IT infrastructure, web hosting or technical staff, no salaries or bills and you start earning as quickly as you registered on the marketplace. You get quick ROI with worry free business.


Online Marketplace Generates Brand Awareness

Maximum customers make purchases on a well-known popular platform where they believe upon quality of the products, services, reviews and feel their money is safe.  New vendors find it hard to get customers on their new ecommerce website as it takes a long time to build customer trust. On the other hand well-established online marketplace already has brand popularity so it works in favour to get orders quickly for their vendors. On few online marketplaces you can even advertise and promote your own brand and products.

Having an ecommerce website has its own advantages too, so you cannot completely ignore having the same. But with online marketplace you can quickly start expanding your business online and have a full-fledged online store.