How Much Does “Page Title” Impact SEO

              Page Title has an incredible impact on the optimization of a web page in organic search. Search engines and SEO platforms use page title details in so many aspects of the website that it becomes either a boost or a burden for your website’s search engine optimization.

The page title acts as a way to identify and locate that page in the internet or system when you are making modifications or tracking page performance. For SEO, the page title is used in almost all search aspects. If your website is built on an ecommerce platform, like Magneto, OpenCart and many others, then the platform contains an interface where you enter page contents of your web page, and then the platform generates web pages for your ecommerce website. One of the important pieces of content that the platform uses repeatedly in every page is the title of that page.  The fact that the platform uses that page title in so many places in each page means that the page is naturally optimized for its page title.

Why To Have SEO Keywords In Page title?

Keyword research for your web page is the first step toward choosing optimal page titles. Keywords are those words that match up with the words that real people use when they’re searching and shopping. Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner gives us free access to the data we need to make page title decisions.  When the page title contains keywords that are beneficial to SEO, the page will naturally be optimized for the words that real customers search for because those words will automatically be used in so many of the elements on the page that are important to SEO.

What To Do When Page Titles Are Not Suitable For SEO?

  Content optimization becomes much more difficult if the web page name does not contain keywords that are beneficial to SEO.  When you try to optimize the aspects that the platform controls, then you will have the following choices.

  • Change in page title. Once the page title is changed the platform will automatically insert the keywords into the elements that matter for SEO. Also the URL for that page may change as well depending on the platform you use. When you modify URLs it will affect a variety of other areas like marketing channels that depend on URLs, which may be a paid search and email marketing, page analytics that makes it difficult to compare page-based metrics to determine performance.
  • Options in your platform. Most platforms have SEO plugins, add-ons or advanced options penetrated in the depths of their platform that enable you to edit your SEO elements separately from the page title. This is the solution least likely to interrupt other channels while improving your SEO.
  • Modifying the platform. If you have talented in house developers, then choose to modify the platform yourself to meet your ecommerce needs.

In case SEO is a top priority for your business, and if your keyword research shows that your page title aren’t capable to drive organic search performance, then the above points could be a good way to optimize your website.

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