A – Z Advantages of Online Food Ordering Marketplace continues…..

We have to admit the fact that online ordering is real and it does exist.Offering online ordering conveys to the customer base that you are a modern restaurant and want to be convenient and accessible for all of your guests.But do you know as a restaurant business owner how exactly you are going to be profited with the food ordering system? What are the benefits you are going to get?Below are the A – Z advantages Of Online Food Ordering System that explains why you should make your food business online and how you can get more business. We have already seen A –K advantages in our previous blog, following are the rest of the advantages.

L – Loyalty– Our software helps you to retain customers with integrated loyalty programs like sending personalised sms, emails, reward points etc.

M – Multi-vendor –Multi-vendor platform is the key of our online food ordering marketplace. Customers can order food from any restaurant any time irrespective of the place.

N – New Customers- With online ordering marketplace restaurants can send personal email newsletters to subscribers, customers which help to acquire customers.

O – One-time payment – Our software comes for one time payment and no long term commitment. Access source code once purchased for time to time customizations.

P – Promotion upon social media platforms – Restaurantbusiness online becomes easy through the integrated social media websites. It helps you to grow your business and to drive revenue.

Q – Quick and easy installations and order cancellation process – Our platform is easy to install with our complete support. Also Orders can be cancelled at any point of time either from restaurants end or customers end without any cancellation charges.

R – Revenue sharing – Multiple restaurants operating from our platform will subscribe the platform based upon revenue sharing or subscription policy. The platform owner gets revenue share either from each order or upon monthly / annual basis.

S – Support–We support our platform owners 24/7 over Email, Phone, Live chat, Skype calls and more.

T – Time saving to make software from the scratch– Saves your time and manpower. Our food ordering system is ready to use which makes the ordering process fully automated.

U – User friendly interface– A simple order flow makes the users more flexible to place online food orders either from website or mobile app.

V – Various payment options and payment getaways integrated – Customers can select food and pay online with payment gateways or through COD in their local currency.

W – Works 24 X 7 – Unlike a physical restaurant, Online ordering system works 24 X 7 and allows customers to place online orders at any time.

X – Xerox of the customer identity and customer order invoice– is maintained by the food ordering system in case of subsequent orders from the customers. This mainly avoids order mismatches and gives you an increased customer database.

Y – Yields you better investment returns – Good sales, more customers with better customer satisfaction – Value for money.

Z – Zero error – Ordering system provides you the exact details of the customers, delivery time, delivery address etc., without any errors (unless the customer types) unlike phone orders.