Why Multiple Service Industry Is Turning To Marketplace Selling Solutions?

Many merchants are successfully growing their businesses through online selling. But how do you know whether marketplace selling is right for your business? You have built a successful business offline but it’s time to take it up a notch. Or maybe you have been moderately successful but you know there is so much more potential. … Continue reading “Why Multiple Service Industry Is Turning To Marketplace Selling Solutions?”

How Marketplaces Make Sellers More Competitive?

  In our previous blogs, we keep stressing upon marketplace and its uses, trends and technology. We always made sure that the marketplace owners have infinite reasons to start a marketplace. We also advised sellers to seize “The Marketplace Opportunity.” Forrester – calls on retailers to embrace the Marketplace opportunity.  One of the main reasons … Continue reading “How Marketplaces Make Sellers More Competitive?”

Advantages of Building an Ecommerce Mobile App

Many ecommerce companies are shifting to Mobile App and concentrating more on Mobile App optimization. Many retail ecommerce industries have Research and Development (R&D) team, who do researches for more business. They get answers for – What are the Benefits of mobile apps? How to get more Business and attract Customers? Why ecommerce companies are forcing … Continue reading “Advantages of Building an Ecommerce Mobile App”

Make-Over tips for your Marketplace

Marketplaces, either physical or online, customer attraction and engagement are a must. Marketplace owners spend lot of money upon creating website, functions, features and more but if it lacks the basic functionality of customer engagement, then you may lose upon your potential customers. Customer engagement encourages visitors to keep browsing through your online marketplace and … Continue reading “Make-Over tips for your Marketplace”

False Discounts Is Giving A Bad Reputation To Your Marketplace

A well reputed brand claims that being digital (selling online) is now a way of life and not just a channel for sale. If you notice today’s marketing strategies of marketplaces it is clearly visible that online retail influences buying habits on a daily basis. And the demand for products from such marketplaces is growing every … Continue reading “False Discounts Is Giving A Bad Reputation To Your Marketplace”

Preserve Your Marketplace Brand with Quality Sellers.

Marketplace is a platform where multiple vendors sell products. Success of marketplace relies upon the ability to recruit and maintain multiple vendors. By ‘recruit’ we mean credible and high-quality vendors. And by ‘maintain’ we mean quality service of these vendors. After all these vendors is the face, extension of the marketplace brand and marketplace promises … Continue reading “Preserve Your Marketplace Brand with Quality Sellers.”

4 Types of Sellers to Recruit in Your Marketplace

Recruiting right sellers can be the most important and difficult decision while operating a marketplace. There are different types of seller profiles to consider when recruiting for your Marketplace because sellers can range from very small local businesses to large international companies. We need to consider various factors, different level of services, product range, product quality, … Continue reading “4 Types of Sellers to Recruit in Your Marketplace”

Lessons to Learn from Failed Marketplaces

“Failure is the stepping stone to success”. Avoiding mistakes is impossible for a human being but learning from our mistakes makes once thought as impossible things also possible. When it comes to the world of online Marketplaces, there have been many examples of success and failure. A Marketplace is an ecosystem that needs to be … Continue reading “Lessons to Learn from Failed Marketplaces”

How to Get Right Sellers for your Marketplace?

If developing a Marketplace is one of the difficult tasks, then finding right sellers for your marketplace is another difficult task. Having good and right sellers in your marketplace ensures a robust and varied product catalog. But there should be good efforts to maintain good amount of right sellers in marketplace to ensure continuous product … Continue reading “How to Get Right Sellers for your Marketplace?”

Do You Know What Your Ecommerce Customers Really Want From You?

Ecommerce retailers are forced to re-evaluate their ecommerce selling strategies because Global consumer E-commerce sales are expected to reach 1.92 trillion dollars this year. In the US, e-commerce sales this year will top $350 billion for the first time. To successfully survive and compete in market, e-commerce businesses must first understand what consumers really want from … Continue reading “Do You Know What Your Ecommerce Customers Really Want From You?”